Hands-on Art Director

First and foremost, I am versatile, precise and agile. I am a spatial problem solver, a juxtaposer of seemingly incompatible elements, and a lover of systems and operations. My creativity tends to take the form of a building up of harmonious elements, with perhaps a tinge of unexpected wreckage around the edges.

I have been lucky enough to run two art departments for two very different companies – one print; one digital. Each job allowed me to oversee a team, but also utilized my hands-on creative skills for a very diverse roster of projects.

I have honed my creative skills as much in designing ads and marketing assets as I have in creating album packages and magazine illustrations. Whether heading up a website redesign, a photo shoot for a multi-platinum hip-hop artist or a digital ad campaign, I bring an exacting eye that compels me to keep working at something until it is perfect.

You can download my resume here.

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